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Protests in Nairobi as Maasai activists deliver a petition to the Tanzania High Commission, in Kenya, 17 June 2022. EPA-EFE/Daniel Irungu

Moving the Maasai: Tanzania is repeating Kenya’s colonial past

Just over 100 years ago, Maasai in Kenya were moved into reserves, where they could be more easily taxed and controlled, to make way for white settlement.
Children and adolescents’ mental well-being is deeply rooted in the environments they live in, particularly the schools they attend. GettyImages

Schools can be a great resource for mental health in South Africa

There are opportunities for intervention in the education system to address gaps in psycho-social provision and support.
People fish in the Vaal River but are not always aware of the risks associated with microplastic pollution. Grobler du Preez/Shutterstock

Fish in a major South African river are full of microplastics

The Vaal River, which serves more than 11 million people, is considerably polluted with microplastics.
Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov (L). Photo by Sean Gallup - Pool /Getty Images

Five essential reads on Russia-Africa relations

Five essential reads on Russia’s relationship with Africa.
Tritylodon, a therapsid, reconstructed as a night dwelling warm blooded animal. Note the steam coming out of its lungs. Illustrated by Luzia Soares

Mystery solved: when mammals’ ancestors became warm-blooded

Warm-bloodedness is the key to what makes mammals what they are today. That’s why working out when it emerged in mammal ancestors matters.
Fanon was among the early exponents of decolonisation. Tony Webster/ Minneapolis Police Department. Wikimedia

Remembering Frantz Fanon – six great reads

Fanon left a remarkable imprint, his views influencing many in the field of mental illness as well as pan-Africanist and anti-colonialism thinkers.
Multiple champions Nigeria, in black, were beaten by Morocco in the Wafcon semi-final. AFP via Getty Images

Morocco vs South Africa as women’s football enters a new era

The Wafcon final on Saturday is proof of the development of the women’s game on the continent - and of mining star players abroad.
Productivity is key in reducing inflation – it rides on innovation and efficiency, which should be encouraged. Photo by TONY KARUMBA/AFP via Getty Images

Inflation is rising in Kenya: here’s why, and how to fix it

A confluence of many factors – from Russia’s war to drought to local corruption and lack of productivity – has inflated prices.